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The Friendly Shul

Chanukah In the Park on 18/12 at 5pm

Services on Friday evening (6:00pm) and Saturday morning (10:00am) are on every week with Shabbat dinner (register here) and Saturday Kiddush. Classes ranging from religious study and ethics to Kabbalah and dancing are all happening - sign up to the newsletter below for a weekly update 


Sign up to be a member of the community, join us as an associate member or full member - read more here - by selecting the membership you and yours want. Single adult membership is $35 p/m with concessions for pensionersstudents and households with more than one adult. See options here

I wanna express my gratitude because of how welcome I felt on Yom Kippur, I've never had an environment where I could both be religious and myself. To have that now in such a vibrant, loving community is such a blessing. thank you so much :)


TThe kids service was wonderful. [The kids] had a blast & the dinner after service was true 'food for soul' & the belly. We all felt nourished. Thank you.


Thank you so much for your beautiful services. I know you don't want thanks, but I want to reinforce that we see your love and pure joy in what you do. Your mini-sermons - many thanks for keeping them pithy - telling parables - always with a funny punchline are much appreciated. I always hear exactly what I need to when I go to shul.


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20 Georgina St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia

(02) 9550 1192

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