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Leave a gift in your will

There are different kinds of gifts you can include in your Will to contribute to the growth of the wonderful Newtown Synagogue community and its buildings:

  • You can make a gift of a specific sum of money or a specific item such as a valuable painting or a property that you own.

  • You can make a gift of a percentage (%) of your Estate.

  • You can make a gift of the whole of the remainder of your Estate after you’ve made provision for your loved ones.


Although they may not appear so Wills are complex documents which if not drafted properly can be challenged in the Supreme Court of New South Wales.  We strongly suggest that you consult a solicitor for the drafting of your Will and other Estate documents.

Further information for Solicitors for your Clients who are considering including Newtown Synagogue in their Will. 

The following are two options of draft clauses to that you may wish to consider:

  • I GIVE (insert benefit, either residual gift, percentage (%) or a specific gift amount) to Newtown Synagogue Incorporated (ABN 380 420 143 28) of 20 Georgina Street Newtown for its general purposes absolutely.

  • I DIRECT that the receipt of the Treasurer or Secretary for the time being of Newtown Synagogue Incorporated is a sufficient discharge for the payment of this gift.

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